(G)loves for (G)ants

Gloves to protect and to control against cold or heat, damaged by fiction, abrasion and chemicals, from what a bare hand should not touch

are the only tool to explore the future bodies, to challenge the danger, the alien unknown words. Symbolizing the borders with the other. Balancing the fears/tears with the irresistible need to discover. This ovni-project is kidding/killing the prophecy of a society fascinated and driven by the collection of this intri-(g)ant neo skin. A porous cocktail of dystopia and utopia divided into 26 gangs, each of them led by a capital letter.

to protect and to control: two raw rivers that meet in the junction of an encrypted wor(l)d. An invitation into an escaped capsule to explore the cabinet de curiosité, and be exposed to their growing hands.

against cold or heat,
(G)loves for (G)ants is using the body as a remote territory. Still developing the carcass, regarding to individual abilities and the needs of the collective, through an hybridization with (G)loves. Building a babel bank of gestures to format the future? body.

damaged by fiction, abrasion and chemicals,
the borders between the one & the other, fabrication & friction, numeric algorithms & transformed chimeras. This catalytic brain poison is re-confronting the current world, from a time machine distance. As poetical and political notions merge into alternative futures, new possibilities arise in the mind, to imagine and re-build with a smile.

from what a bare hand should not touch
This is the Hand.

A (G)love for your hands, A (G)ant for your skin. A (G)ang for your life

In this mega-mix project K&A will focus on the specialized movements and the sounds of workers. Sketching the society of 2111, where there are only 26 jobs leftover for the hands of the humans.These jobs form 26 syndicates that become the 26 (g)angs of the future. The (g)love, the most privileged object, is the only one capable of exploring alien unknown wor(l)ds of bodies. During this working hand gesture performance, K&A junction this installation, into a high-tech prophecy inspired by utopic dystopias and dystopian utopias.
(G)loves: 26 different gloves

(G)ants: 26 differents jobs

(G)angs: 26 different syndicates